Kids and Idiopan

Kids and Idiopan

Over the years, research has shown that playing music is crucial in the mental, physical, and behavioral development of children. Learning how to play an instrument can sometimes be difficult at young age - unless that instrument is the Idiopan. Check out how playing the Idiopan is beneficial to children: 

Easy to Play 

One of the most charming factors about the Idiopan drum is how easy it is to play - for anyone. The Idiopan is one of the most versatile instruments on the market, making it ideal for children. 

According to one of our customers, "It even sounds good when our little kids play it. It is just as relaxing to play as it is to hear played. So intuitive and sounds amazing right out of the box as a total beginner." 

No Stress about Sound 

Sometimes children can become frustrated when learning how to play an instrument because they play a wrong note or the music doesn't sound good. With the Idiopan steel tongue drum, it's impossible to hit the wrong note. All Idiopan drums are tuned to a pentatonic scale so that no two notes sound bad together. 

Development of Fine Motor Skills 

Fine motor skills, smaller movements that occur in wrists, hands, and fingers, can be developed in children through the playing of the Idiopan. Whether by playing with hands or mallets, your child will learn how to move these body parts to make sound. Playing the Idiopan also helps to develop hand-eye coordination. 

All Inclusive 

Since the Idiopan is so easy to play, this makes sharing and playing together a breeze. Children can play together or take turns, making beautiful music on the Idiopan drum. 

Creates a Quiet, Calm Atmosphere  

As a parent, the Idiopan can be used to soothe and calm your child. Whether it's naptime or just quiet time, the soft, gentle sound of the Idiopan is the perfect way to lull your child off to dream land. 


Without knowing it, children can be destructive. A lot of musical instruments are fragile and can be damaged when left in the hands of a child. The Idiopan steel tongue drum however, is tough and can withstand a lot of abuse.  

It is important to note that children should always be closely supervised when using the Idiopan steel tongue drum. The magnets inside, used for tuning, are a choking hazard for small children. 


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