How To Tune Your Kalimba

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The Dobani kalimba featured on our website here comes pre-tuned to the C Major Scale, but after many hours of use, the tines may end up getting a little out of tune over time. To re-tune your kalimba only takes a few of easy steps:

  1. Gather kalimba, tuner, and kalimba tuning tool
  2. Check the tuning of each tine with the tuner to see which tine(s) is out of tune. 
  3. To lower the pitch, attach the tuning tool's slotted end to the tine on the side facing away from you. Then, lightly tap on the post with the hammer towards the playing side of the tine. 
  4. To raise the pitch, place the post on the playing side of the tine and lightly tap it away from yourself. 

Keep in mind, it does not take much force when tapping with the hammer to move the tine's tuning a few cents. After a couple of light taps, the tine should get back in tune depending on how severely out of tune it was. 

That's all there is to it! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us on the website here, or through any of our various social media platforms.\


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