Snark ST-8 All Instrument Clip-On Chromatic Tuner

Snark ST-8 All Instrument Clip-On Chromatic Tuner

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Tune your Idiopan steel tongue drum quickly and easily with the Clip-On Snark Chromatic All Instrument Tuner. Its "Stay Put" clip provides a solid connection to your Idiopan. Because of its extended frequency range, it's perfect for tuning the Idiopan and its full color display that rotates 360 degrees, makes tuning fast, flawless and fun. This model also includes a built-in mic or vibration sensor for note detection, as well as a tap tempo metronome and a pitch calibration of 415-466Hz.


The Ruby Red Domina arrived yesterday and we LOVE it!! Sounds great unplugged and when I connected it to my Spark Mini amp, it’s amazing! Once again, thank you for the quick shipping! The red color is just perfect. It’s nice and dark, and comes off as a maroon/wine color as we hoped. It’s perfect!! Can’t wait to try some tunings.

Ed Kotowsk

The Lunabell and Domina were high quality and sound great! Both were shipped promptly and arrived as promised. Highly recommend this company and their products.

Timothy Fox

This Idiopan is super cool and small enough to bring it with you. The color is fabulous and the sound seems to be amazing!

Robert Funari