Idiopan Tunable Steel Tongue Drums

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Handcrafted in the USA with 100% American Steel

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A FANTASTIC instrument, very well crafted and robust, with a great warm sweet sound and a very long sustain, the most amazing feature is that every tongue is freely tuneable, a rare option in this kind of instruments, this allows to play in different scales and frequency (440 or 432 or every others), a must for who plays for healing, meditation, musictherapy, so the player can choose the scale that better resonates with feelings..also this is a must for a composer like me, to dramatically expand the utilization's range of this jewel.
The instrument, rather heavy, comes with two mallets (you can play with these or by hands, it's a very intuitive instrument), and a rubber ring to lean it. Inside the instrument there are magnets for tuning, very easy and fast to adjust, better with a cheap digital tuner for perfect tuning.
The only thing I would prefer different is the color finishing, I bought the "sapphire blue", it's wonderfully shimmering at light but very dark, almost black, if you have low or warm light. But this is not a problem.  - Fabrizio

Crafted with great quality and it sounds so beautiful and mellow! And I don’t know how they did it but the inside smells sooo good - Alexander Werhonig


This is such a beautiful instrument, and I'm so happy it's made in the USA - exceptionally well made! It's easy to tune, with absolutely gorgeous tones - I can sit playing the notes and becoming mesmerized by their beauty for long periods of time. A may have to purchase the 14" to complement this domina 12"! Gorgeous all around!! - A.S.


Plugging these through guitar pedals is unreal..... when i make some recordings i would like to share them with you. J.R.