Enhance Your Practice with Pure Sine Wave Tones

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The IDIOPAN Premiere Tongue Drum

Idiopan represents the highest level of quality in tone, tunability and craftsmanship.

Pure Sine Wave Tones

Each tunable tongue produces a pure sine-wave frequency – Which resonates through your entire body


This unique breed of tunable tank drums can be played in an endless range of scale varieties. Simply slide magnets on the underside of each tongue to quickly and easily tune to hundreds of scales. Tunability allows for greater versatility compared to standard tank drums. Scale flexibility allows you to experiment with combining melody and rhythm.

Connecting with yourself and nature

So, the natural world is composed of the frequencies of matter and all living things. The Idiopan series of drums possess the ability to fine tune to any frequency between 120HZ-1050 HZ. Since Idiopan drums are an acoustic instrument, the musical tones are produced naturally by real-world elements. 

Superior Craftsmanship

All Idiopan tongue drums are handcrafted in the USA and individually inspexted and perfectly tuned before shipping to you.

Idiopan is the perfect choice for anyone, from beginner to professional percussionist, looking to raise their tongue drum experience to the next level.

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