Domina Songbook

Domina Songbook

If you already have your Idiopan or are looking in to purchasing one, you may ask yourself, "What songs can I actually play on one of these?"

Idiopan Steel Tongue Drums are designed to be played by anyone, regardless of your musical background. All Idiopans arrive tuned to a pentatonic scale which means you can't play a wrong note! The ascending zig-zag pattern allows you to easily see how the scale rises and falls, allowing you to play intuitively. Perfect for those who want to meditate, relax and/or connect with nature through music. For those that want to play traditional songs on their Idiopan, we have created The Domina Songbook.

The Domina Songbook is composed of 7 classic songs and 3 new tunes ranging in difficulty, from beginner to more advanced. This songbook is specially designed for Domina. The corresponding music sheet is next to a follow along video below. Remember to wear headphones for best listening quality.

If you would like to download or view PDF, please click the following images. 

Idiopan Steel Tongue Drums - Explanation Pages

Idiopan Steel Tongue Drums - Music Sheets


How To Play Old MacDonald Had a Farm
How To Play Amazing Grace
How To Play Mary Had a Baby  Domina Songbook - Mary Had a Baby
How To Play Morning Mood Domina Songbook - Morning Mood
How To Play Carol, Children, Carol Domina Songbook - Carol, Children, Carol
How To Play Triumphant March   Domina Songbook - Triumphant March
How To Play Flea Waltz  Domina Songbook - Flea Waltz
How To Play Domina Boogie  Domina Songbook - Domina Boogie
How To Play Falling Star  Domina Songbook - Falling Star
How To Play Music Box  Domina Songbook - Music Box

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