Traveling with Your Idiopan

Traveling with Your Idiopan

Sometimes as a musician, you’re faced with the problems and technicalities of traveling with your instruments and equipment. You’re stressed about spending extra money on baggage fees, worried about your instrument being damaged during the journey, or trying to figure out just how it’s all going to fit. That is, unless, you’re traveling with an Idiopan steel tongue drum. 

No matter where you’re headed – beach, mountains, city – or how you’re getting there – car, plane, train – the Idiopan is a great traveling companion. 

Fits in a Backpack 

Whether you’re trekking across campus or through a mountain range, the Idiopan can come right along with you in your backpack. The 6-inch, 8-, and 12-inch drums fit in most standard-sized backpacks. 

Easy Carry-On Luggage 

If your next adventure requires boarding an airplane, you can keep your Idiopan drum close. All sizes of the drum, 6-, 8-, 12-, and 14-inch, can be safely taken onto the plane in your carry-on bag. Their convenient, compact size fits perfectly within the overhead bins or under the seat in front of you. 

Safe to Check 

Sometimes you’ve already reached your limit for carry-on bags and you’ve got to check some luggage! The Idiopan is ideal for putting in a checked bag because it’s lightweight and durable. Not only will it not put you over the weight limit, but you don’t have to be concerned about it getting dinged, dented, or damaged.  

Easy to Clean 

The Idiopan steel tongue drums are able to put up with a lot of abuse, but they do tend to get dirty. If you’re traveling with your Idiopan and notice that it’s starting to look a little lackluster, you can easily clean it and get it back to its shiny state. Learn more about cleaning and caring for your Idiopan here. 

Water Resistant 

Your travels may take you anywhere, and the Idiopan is prepared for it all – even aquatic adventures. If you find yourself in the rain or out on the water, you can still enjoy and play your Idiopan drum. These American-made drums are resistant to water – and can even float! 

Conversation Piece 

One of the best parts about traveling with the Idiopan drum is how easily it draws people in! People love to ask about it – what it is and how to play. If you’re traveling with an Idiopan, you can expect to make new friends easily. 

If you’re a traveling musician looking for your next instrument, check out our Idiopan steel tongue drums. The Idiopan is the first and only steel tongue drum capable of tuning to hundreds of scales with its unique magnet tuning system — providing warm, rich, pure tones ideal for harmonizing with any instrument. 

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