Why Idiopan?

Why Idiopan?


Idiopans are hands down the most diverse brand of steel tongue drums in the world. Exploring the full musical possibilities of steel tongue drums; they are unmatched in how pleasant they sound, how easy they are to play, and the range of depth drums of their style are capable of. 

First of all, how the drum sounds is most important. Due to these drums being made out of steel, it's common for them to have a very metallic ring to them when playing.  With Idiopans, it is made a priority to eliminate that metallic sound, and designed so that only the most crisp, mellow tones ring out. 

Another important thing considered in to our design is player accessibility. That means we wanted to make these drums easy for anyone to pick up. All 5 models come tuned out-of-the-box to a pentatonic scale, so that no two notes sound bad together! Even if you aren't a practiced musician, you can just enjoy the pleasant sounds Idiopans produce to your own rhythm.

If you're feeling adventurous, want to take the next step, and dive in to tuning your drum, it's as easy as sliding a magnet along the underside of a tongue. Simply slide the magnet towards or away from the center of the drum, to lower and raise the pitch, respectively. Just like any other instrument you can use an electronic tuner to monitor your tuning. We have clip-on Snark's available in our accessories, but just about any tuner app for your mobile device will work just as well.

The absolute best quality about Idiopans is their vast variety of capabilities. The fact that you can tune them to different scales instantly opens a floodgate of possibilities. At the very least, you can never run out of pitch combinations to experiment with in your personal playing, and more than that; it makes jamming with any other instruments so easy and diverse, especially since you won't be stuck to a fixed scale. You're probably thinking, "That sounds great and all, but there's no way these drums could even be loud enough to play along with any instrument."

Well, the real icing on the cake with Idiopans is that we designed pickups specifically for them, and you can choose to buy any model with a pickup installed! Every Idiopan can be outfitted with a 1/4" jack on the bottom that you can line in to any amp or PA, to amplify your drum passively. Even at huge volumes these drums will maintain their pure, clean tones. And if that's not enough, it's just as easy to line your drum in to FX pedals and create an endless database of unique sounds.

In short, Idiopans can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be. That, along with their relaxing tone, makes them a great catalyst for expression.  They're suited perfectly for a myriad of activities such as yoga, meditation, music therapy,  and so much more. Need to see it to believe it? Check out #Idiopan on Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook to find us and our community playing away! 


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