Songwriting with Idiopans

Songwriting with Idiopans

If you're a songwriter, Idiopans can prove to be a revolutionary tool to easily find rhythms, melodies, and harmonies; as well as adding a completely unique database to your sound. This is all possible through their easy-to-play tongue layout, the ability to tune each tongue, and their pure tones that sing out with originality. 

Every songwriter has a different style of writing that suits them best. Some may like making instrumentals to sing along to, while others prefer to channel their expression through the voice of the instrument they're playing. No matter the case, writing a song will likely require establishing a key and structure to base the melodies around. With Idiopans, this is made easy. Since it will be tuned to a scale, all the notes you will need for the corresponding chords or melody lines are laid out for you in the tongues' tuning. Though it could take some experimentation in finding what scales you like best, is is so much easier to tune to a scale and pound out songs when there are not a bunch of notes you need to avoid, like when playing a guitar or piano. The only downside to this is that you can't modulate keys with ease; but with multiple Idiopans, pre-tuning to various scales can be a solution for this. 

Maybe you're not trying to be the conventional "songwriter," and are trying to produce soundscapes with something new and unique. Of course, most DAWs (digital audio workstations) come with a myriad of sounds, effects, and midi capabilities, but there is nothing quite like capturing your own samples and stems for an organic feel. Idiopans can deliver on everything from creating grooves and melodies that drive the song, to ringing out ambient sounds that provide a spacey feeling. If you are using a DAW (such as Ableton, FL Studio, or Pro Tools), you can also take advantage of their plethora of filters, pre-amps, and effects that can be incorporated in to your Idiopan samples; opening a whole world of possibilities when it comes to your sound bank. 

With the diverse range of sound you can achieve with Idiopans, they will blend well with any genre; from pop, to hip-hop, to jazz, to rock, or even just experimental! All it takes is tuning to a desired scale and feeling out what sounds best. If you need any help tuning your drum, check out our other blog here: If you are a songwriter, please share with us any work you do with Idiopans. Find us on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram with #idiopan for videos from us and the Idiopan community!

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