If you already have your Idiopan or are looking in to purchasing one, you may ask yourself, "What songs can I actually play on one of these?" Though there are many songs that use Pentatonic scales and the other various tunings that the Idiopan can achieve, we have made readable music to make learning the basics on your Idiopan easy with familiar traditional songs.  

With 7 classic songs and 3 new tunes, The Domina Songbook is finally here!

Click here for free downloads of sheet music 

Idiopan Steel Tongue Drums Domina Songbook


Listed below will be the readable music and video that corresponds to it's specific drum size. Remember to wear headphones for best listening quality.

6" Bella:

Mary Had a Little Lamb



Ring Around the Rosie



8" Lunabell:

Auld Lang Syne



12" Domina:



The Farmer in the Dell


14" Dominus:

This Train Is Bound For Glory

Swing Low Sweet Chariot


Happy playing,


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