Bella in the Classroom

Bella in the Classroom
High spirits together with fun playful activities are essential to draw in a whole room of kids, however the beauty of united concentration was only fully understood once this little Bella Idiopan was brought in class.
The compact drum had been given to me by a friend, which at the time, was my first proper personal experience with any instrument. Amazed at how the mallets tailor this drum for a beginner, I decided to test some simple skills with the youngsters!
It’s no surprise that the runs and jumps in the PE period are enjoyed more than the sit in silence lessons, however I never expected for the entire gym to quiet down with just the soft resonating tones of the baby Idiopan. As the kids gathered around little Bella, I began by handing one mallet over to one student and with the other mallet, I guided a basic three note sequence. Each student’s interpretation of the melody brought a rare sight to the class of six-year olds who were now all attentively examining their friends striking the drum.
Later, the kids listened closely to the contrast of the low and high notes. Practicing their descriptive adjectives, they individually took turns to express different emotions the distinctive scales created. Eventually, grouped students were able to come up with their own brief rhythmic stories building on themes related to excitement, fear, tranquility, etc.
The drum’s effortless touch and charming sounds act as a perfect instrument to enhance students' focus on any kind of activity. Its presence with young students has not only stimulated expression in language, it has also shown to strengthen their memory in arithmetic patterns.
Bella's sweet harmony ultimately brought a fresh enthusiasm and a unique solidarity to learning.


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