Meditation Refreshment with Your Idiopan

Meditation Refreshment with Your Idiopan

Meditation is a powerful practice used by many to achieve a more clear and conscious mental state. Music is a common tool used in meditation to help further achieve that state. With your Idiopan, the vibrations and smooth tones can help your mind transcend to zen with ease. 

Knowing that meditation is a very personal journey and practice, I can not tell you what the best way for you is, but I will share a simple 5 minute or less meditative refreshment routine that utilizes your Idiopan. This exercise is perfect for when you are busy but need a brief moment away to help gather your thoughts and regain clarity. 

  • First, separate yourself from distraction.
  • Sit on the ground with your legs crossed or in a chair, but most importantly make sure to maintain good posture with your back straight, and shoulders relaxed.
  • Place your Idiopan on your lap (if you own a six inch Bella or eight inch Lunabell, holding it in the palm of your hand is just as effective.)
  • Pick two notes on the drum that best resonate with your mind and body.
  • Breathe in through your nose slowly and steadily as you strike the first note. This can be done with eyes open or closed; What's important is that you find a focal point for your attention .
  • Focus on your breathing, hear the breath you take in and allow the vibrations of the note channel through your body. Breathe low in to your stomach and let your diaphragm expand as the note slowly fades out.
  • Strike the second note you've chosen and steadily breathe out through your mouth, with slightly parted lips. Listen to your breath out as you feel the vibration of the second note resonate through your body, as the first one did. Breathe out all of your stress and allow your body to loosen up more and more with each set of breaths. 
  • Each note should ring out about six seconds. For a one minute meditation refreshing, do about five breaths in and out. For two minutes, double it to ten each, and so on and so forth.
  • Before returning to your tasks, make sure to stretch and shake out any stress that is left in your body. 

As your technique and method develops through your own practice, you can add more notes to your playing, or even hum or chant along with the notes to help further feel the pleasant vibrations that will soothe your body and mind.


Happy playing,


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