Meditation with Idiopan

Meditation with Idiopan

In schools, studios, and private residences across the nation, meditation practices are on the rise for the multifold health benefits. But with so many modalities available it can be difficult to find the one that is right for you. That’s where Idiopan comes in. Sound meditation is ideal for beginners who struggle with stillness, or even for experienced practitioners who are just looking to add another technique to their toolbox. There are two directions to approach meditating with a tongue drum that we will address: freestyle and pattern-work. However you choose to play, let the music take you to another plane.

Probably the most favorable option when you first pick up a mallet, the melodic quality of the idiopan makes it easy to become captured in free flow. Every sound and sequence resonates beautifully so it’s an instrument that is available for any skill level of percussion ability. Children and adults alike find themselves enchanted by the ethereal music of the Idiopan. And, unlike other tongue drums, the idiopan is tunable, making multiple scales available to tap into the imagination. Starting the day in a positive mindset or unwinding after a long day at work can be achieved with just a few minutes of unrestricted play. With the range of sizes available, it’s effortless to find the perfect spot to display your drum on it’s o-ring to play in passing and light enough to tote. If you enjoy bringing your meditation practice on the go, we recommend also picking up a carrying case to keep your instrument safe from damage and your mallets secure.

Using patterns for meditation with the idiopan can be just as simple as freestyle with basic arrangements or can be complex to build complete compositions. Studies have shown that working with patterns helps build plasticity in the brain as well as increase adaptability to high-anxiety situations. When coupled with sound therapy techniques, the response of the body is twofold. Both restorative and challenging, playing with motifs on the idiopan not only provides a unique meditative experience, but can build a skill that you can use to impress friends and family. Many yoga teachers, sound healers, and breathwork teachers also enjoy incorporating Idiopan tongue drums into their classes. Being such an accessible piece, it’s one of the simplest sound tools to pick up while still providing a dynamic range. While it is powerful when played acoustic, adding a pick-up can provide the extra acoustics for larger audiences or adding effect pedals can bring intricacy to the experience.

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