The Healing Powers of an Idiopan

The Healing Powers of an Idiopan

It's no mystery that the entire universe is made up of constantly vibrating matter. What may be a mystery, though, is humans' inherent desire to make patterns of vibrations for music. At the core of this desire, we most often use music as a cathartic means of expression. Over time, theorists have been able to utilize the understanding of how specific vibrations evoke a physical and emotional response to develop practices that heal our body, mind, and spirit. Thus, sound healing. Furthermore, practices such as music therapy, occupational therapy, meditation, and yoga can utilize music and sound to enhance one's life. All of these practices are suited perfectly for Idiopan, as most of them were in mind during the development and design of each model. 


Sound Healing:

Without getting too in-depth, it is said that there are specific vibrational frequencies that are aligned with our chakras. In various studies, research says that these focal points can be stimulated when tuning relative to A=432Hz, as that is what is hypothesized to be the natural frequency of the universe. With most modern tuners and tuning apps you can calibrate your tuner to 432Hz, then tune your Idiopan to feel how the difference in vibrations affect you in your daily playing or meditation practices. (Note that some model Idiopans may require an advanced magnet pack to be able to tune it's standard scale relative to 432Hz). 


Music and Occupational Therapy:

Music therapy is the use of music to improve health or functional outcomes. There are two main approaches to music therapy; receptive and active. With receptive music therapy, the patient listens to music to help increase mood, reduce stress and pain, and enhance relaxation. An Idiopan can be very useful with this approach since it was designed to have pure tones that are easy on the auditory receptors.  With active music therapy, the client interacts in some form of music-making. While stress relief and mood enhancement are bound to occur with this approach, it is also utilized to enhance coordination and overcoming physical difficulties. An Idiopan would make a great tool for active music therapy, as they are easy to play with mallets, and are harmonically pleasing out-of-the-box with their standard pentatonic tuning. 

Occupational therapy is the use of assessment and intervention to develop, recover, or maintain meaningful activities of individuals, groups, or communities. It's not uncommon for occupational therapists to have their clients learn new instruments or participate in drum circles. Since Idiopans have very mellow tones and are easy to play right out the box, They make the perfect companion for clients who may have special needs or sensitivities to loud, abrupt sounds. In fact, our endorsed artist and occupational therapist, Jorge Ochoa, uses his Domina frequently for his occupational therapy sessions and has found it an incredibly useful tool in his practice. For more information and videos of Idiopans being used for occupational therapy, you can visit his website here


Meditation and Yoga:

Meditation and yoga are life-enhancing activities that both have their beginnings rooted in Ancient India. Though yoga is a physical activity, the intent behind both of these practices is to bring clarity and mindfulness to our conscious thoughts. As meditation and yoga have developed over time, mantras and music have been incorporated to help regulate breathing and provide focal points for our attention. An Idiopan can be easily incorporated with these practices, and tuned to various scales or even individual frequencies that best match with your voice and body. To explore and practice our simple Meditation Refreshment exercise, read our blog here


Conclusively, an Idiopan's healing powers come from their soothing, mellow tones and the ability to tune your drum to frequencies that resonate best with your body, mind, and spirit. For various videos to witness our steel tongue drums and their healing qualities in action, find us on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram with #idiopan. 

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