The Benefits of Idiopans (Steel Tongue Drums) for Meditation and Yoga

The Benefits of Idiopans (Steel Tongue Drums) for Meditation and Yoga

Idiopan is an easy and accessible instrument to play. By using it, you can relax and concentrate better. These attributes make it perfect for meditation and yoga practices. The vibration can easily help someone’s mind to transcend to zen.

Because it is such a simple instrument, you can adapt the way you play according to your musical ability. It is easy to focus on the subtleties in dynamics like texture and tone. At the same time, you can concentrate on rhythm patterns.

As a result, the experience can be very relaxing and personal, making it a fantastic way to experiment in your yoga or meditation routine. It helps you not only to concentrate more deeply but also to experience different sensations and express yourself while having peace of mind.

Check in this article for more benefits of meditating, why meditate with music, and how Idiopans can be a great ally in helping you achieve focus and peace of mind in your practices!

What are the benefits of meditation?

One of the main reasons people seek out meditation is to reduce stress. By doing that it is also possible to have a better sleep schedule, decrease blood pressure, and help with cloudy thoughts and fatigue. Meditation can help with symptoms of anxiety and depression too.

When practiced regularly it can help to increase attention span and the capacity to strengthen and endurance your focus.

Studies also point out that meditation can reverse certain patterns in the brain that cause someone to have a poor attention span and mind-wandering.

The benefits of meditation with music

Music and mantras are part of the meditation practice as a way to provide a focal point for your attention and regulate breathing.

As the sound of the Idiopans are very clean and can be easily tuned to different scales, they are perfect for these kinds of practices.

When it comes to the beliefs behind meditation, there is also this idea that specific vibrational frequencies are connected to people’s chakras. The theory is that these are the natural frequencies of the universe. 

Therefore, when you use steel tongue drums to tune in, it is possible to try different vibrations to experiment with how they affect you. This way, you can improve your practice, become more focused, and have unique experiences.

Focus better and bring peace of mind with Idiopans

Playing an instrument by itself is a form of meditation when done with purpose, intention, and in a personable way. That is why the usage of steel tongue drums happens in such an organic manner.

The practice of sound healing comes from different eras and cultures and was accepted in group ceremonies.

Nowadays, people use music in many forms of healing practices, such as yoga, music therapy, and meditation.

It is also possible to use only Idiopans in your practice or combine them with other instruments like tablas, singing bowls, and chimes, for instance.

Playing an instrument can help your brain to work in patterns. Studies show that this kind of practice can help increase your ability to deal with high-anxiety situations. And because Idiopan is such an easy instrument to learn, you can adapt to your skills and improve as you wish.

In conclusion, Idiopans can be a wonderful way to express yourself and find the perfect way to relax. It can be an easy or more complex activity, and it can elevate your meditation or yoga practice to another level, become more intimate and personal. 


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