Knowing Your Idiopan

Knowing Your Idiopan

Idiopans are a fairly simple instrument when it comes to the components that make them up, but without the knowledge of how to handle these parts, it may make for a difficult time when playing.

Drum Body: Made from American steel, the Idiopan is very durable in nature. Though, it's powder coated finish is prone to scratches when in contact with abrasive surfaces. To keep your Idiopan shining and clean, use a damp microfiber cloth and apply turtle wax . This will better prevent from any scratches and keep your Idiopan's finish sparkling. 

Tongues: On the top side of an Idiopan, you will notice the tongues in which you are meant to play on. Playable with mallets or hands, it is best to strike the tongues quickly, as if the surface were very hot. Many playing styles are adaptable with practice, but it is easiest to start with mallets as a beginner. The tongues may get small debris between the tongues which will cause a buzz. To prevent or fix this, simply take a thin sheet of paper and run it in between the body all the tongues to remove any debris. 

Magnets: Under each tongue there is a very powerful magnet that enables the drum to be tuned. To lower the pitch of the drum, slide the magnet towards the center of the drum. To raise the pitch of the drum, slide the magnet away from the center. Make sure all magnets are centered on the tongue to avoid them obstructing the tongue and body, as this will cause buzz. Again, these magnets are very powerful and should be handled with caution. Advanced magnet packs are available which will add more range to your drum. Carefully stack magnets under a tongue to further lower the pitch and achieve more scales. 

Plug/Pickup: All Idiopans have the option to come acoustic, or with a pickup installed to play through an amp or electronic interface. If it is an acoustic drum, there will be a small black plug on the bottom side. If electric, it will have a 1/4" jack where the plug would be. It is easily possible to remove the plug to install a pickup later on, or if you would like to play in conditions that may not be safe for electronics (this may be in water, or in any extreme weather unfit for electronics) the pickup can be removed for a plug to be inserted. 

Band: Around each Idiopan there is a high quality rubber band that is necessary in keeping your drum protected and sounding great. To keep your band in great condition, occasionally clean it with Armor All (both the wipes and dampening on a soft cloth with Armor All will work effectively). In rare circumstances, these bands have been broken when coming in to contact with sharp objects or after repeated contact with an abrasive surface. Replacement bands are available, and if the band is to break, please contact us immediately.


Visit our Accessories section for more useful Idiopan supplies and merchandise. If for any reason you experience any difficulty with your Idiopan, we are always happy to answer any questions, so feel free to contact us through here or any of our various social media platforms.

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